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Alamo Asthma & Allergy provides a variety of services for allergy and asthma patients throughout the San Antonio area. Our physicians are committed to providing personalized care for a wide range of ailments. If you suffer from allergies of any sort, or think you may have specific allergies, allow us to perform an evaluation and determine a treatment that meets your specific needs. Our allergy doctors, Drs. Michael and Adrianne Vaughn, provide evaluations and treatment of allergy asthma and immunology-related medical conditions in both adults and children.

Comprehensive Evaluations and Treatments

Our physicians are trained to prevent, diagnose, manage, and treat allergic and immunologic diseases. Whether you suffer from skin, nasal, food or drug allergies, eczema or hives, we can thoroughly evaluate the problem and craft the most effective treatment plan for your individual situation. We also provide services for asthma and other lung disorders.

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